XOBNI, how have I survived without you?

Posted: May 7, 2009 in Computers and Internet
If you a type of knowledge worker that lives in Microsoft Outlook and are tired of searching or losing track of emails, Xobni is for you.  It’s a free add-in to Outlook that adds great value.
You get:
  • Superfast search
  • Threaded converstations (will drill-through)
  • Direct links to attachments
  • Useful statistics like "time to respond"
  • Pulls from LinkedIn and Facebook to gather extra information.
I’m loving it and looking at making it a standand install for my major Outlook users.
The free download and more information is available here:
http://www.xobni.com (Not sure how you pronouce it, but it is "inbox" spelled backwards.)

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